Pablo Arranz Ropero

Backend developer


Phone: (+34) 651 099 840

About Me

My name is Pablo Arranz Ropero and I’m a junior backend developer @ Zooplus.

Besides backend, I also enjoy learning about CI/CD and operational tools such as K8s, Docker, ELK… among others.

Although I barely started my career I consider myself a truly capable programmer led by my effort and my endless wish of knowledge.

My best programming skill is Java and I’m currently learning Scala and functional paradigm (although I’m interested also in Go and Python).



Backend developer

September 2018 - Present

Europe's leading e-commerce of pet supplies.

Member of the Loyalty team where we implement independent services consumed through APIs or event-driven architectures. We use an agile methodology to ensure value delivery to our stakeholders.

Our stack is currently composed by different technologies, chosen based on the needs of each of them and trying to achieve always the maximum performance.

Currently we are adopting Scala and have tried different approaches and frameworks.

To name the most importants, because the list could be endless, these technologies are:

Java 11 and Scala in the back-end. We make our unit tests with Scalatest and JUnit with Mockito. We use Cucumber for our integration tests in the APIs and Localstack in the event listeners. In the front-end testing part we use BackstopJS and Selenium. As databases we use PostgreSQL, Oracle and DynamoDB, and Grafana and ELK Stack as monitoring systems.

Tecnilogica (Now Liquid Squad at Accenture Digital)

Backend developer (Internship)

September 2017 - February 2018

Part of the development of 2 distinct projects where I became an useful part of the team, mainly learning from the rest of the people, but also introducing technologies to the team which could be useful for our products (Wiremock and ELK stack).


Built a CRM to make easier the management of customers and contracts by Axpo agents.


Developed an employment portal

The technologies used in these projects were similar being the most important Java 8 with Spring Framework, Thymeleaf, Maven, Hibernate and Javascript.

Codemotion (Now Commitconf)

Event organization volunteer


Volunteered in the organization of the IT event Codemotion 2017.


Event organization volunteer


Volunteered in the organization of “San Silvestre Vallecana” since 2013.



Let me wiki that for you...

I did this project to learn some basic concepts of how to build an (swagger-documented) API with Go.

I took advantage of this mini-project and learned a bit about Go modules, Docker and Google Cloud.


Hackathon project

Project developed in a hackathon focused towards making life of disabled people easier.

Our application (which was a prototype) had as a target searching a route for disabled people based on their disability, offering different routes for each.


Universidad Complutense de Madrid

Graduate in Software Engineering

2014 - 2018

The biggest spanish presential university and one of the most importants and prestigious universities in Madrid.

As final project I created a multi-platform application to facilitate biology students the learning of genetics (In collaboration with Biology School). This application had both server and client sides, one for the teacher to manage the content and the other for the pupils to make use of it.

Fundación Telefónica

Videogame Creation Course


Skate videogame creation learning the basic usage of tools such as Autodesk 3ds Max, Adobe Photoshop and Unity.

C.I.E.M. “Federico Moreno Torroba” (Music Conservatory)

Graduate in harpsichord speciality

2004 - 2009

A Little More About Me

I also enjoy joining hackathon or programming contests such as Telecode 2018 and 2019, Google Hashcode 2018 and Time2Hack Getafe Hackathon2018

Alongside my interests in software development some of my other interests which distract me from computers are:

  • Photography
  • Biking
  • Gaming